Bring efficiency and order to your volunteer program. And make everyone happy.

Volunteer management software specifically for Catholic, Independent and Charter Schools

A volunteer process with email, signup forms, and Excel takes 800 to 1,500 parent hours a year to manage.

OnVolunteers automates the entire volunteer program and cuts administration time as much as 80%.

OnVolunteers is a web-based volunteer system that automates the entire parent volunteer sign up, tracking and management process - providing fast and easy parent recruiting and scheduling, automated service hours tracking and comprehensive parent volunteer management.

Optimum Efficiency

Save 100s of hours with a completely automated volunteer tracking and management system, repeatable every year.

360° Visibility and Control

You'll have peace of mind from knowing what's happening and having complete control.

Up-to-date information for all

Everyone is happy. Parents, volunteer leaders and school staff all have relevant, real-time information.

The only available system dedicated to Catholic, Independent and Charter Schools

OnVolunteers provides unique features especially designed for the particular requirements of Catholic, Independent and Charter schools. Automatically track service hours and associated dollar values unique to each family. Systematically track parents with Criminal Background Checks. Have an automated monitoring and notification system for volunteering status. All available only in OnVolunteers.

Automate Every Stage Of Your Volunteer Program

Recruit Volunteers or Assign Parents to Jobs

You have flexibility to allow parents to sign up for their preferred volunteer jobs or schedule parents to specific jobs. You can also create and show jobs to parents in specific grades or any group you define.

Jobs Verification / Check In-Check Out

Have a process whereby your coordinators verify whether parents have completed their jobs. Track and adjust parents' hours. Or have parents use the digital Check In / Check Out kiosk for a hands-free verification process.

Manage Family Account Information

Every family and their volunteering efforts are available any time. Families can be categorized by grades, skills, or any group you define. Families continue in the system until their child(ren) graduate. Automate new family registration.

Repeatable Process Year-after-Year

All your school events, volunteer categories and jobs, families all remain in your volunteer portal. Reduce the learning curve for new coordinators as they can re-use volunteer categories/jobs from previous years.

Centralized, Automated Volunteer Communication

Bring all your volunteer-related communication into a single place. Not only send and receive communications but also have the system automatically notify parents when hours have been verified or of their volunteering status.

Automated Hours Monitoring, Notification, Reporting

Automatically monitor family service hours and notify those families low on service hours. All family volunteering and service hours data can be viewed, printed or exported to Excel within 2 mouse clicks.

What Our Customers Say

OnVolunteers is just so easy to use, in 3 minutes I can create a new event and volunteer jobs… and parents using their family website love it… I highly recommend OnVolunteers to any school with a volunteer program. The OnVolunteers system is a great tool.

Mr. Clark SpendloveAssistant Principal
Somerset Academy Lone Mountain
Las Vegas, Nevada

With OnVolunteers we've increased the efficiency of our Parent Participation program to a really high level. Our entire program is automated... from signing up parents to automatically notifying families with low hours to tracking parents with Criminal Background Checks, and of course reporting...

... There's no better system for Catholic or Independent schools. I absolutely recommend OnVolunteers

Michael YaptinchayPrincipal
St. Augustine's School
Vancouver, Canada

The OnVolunteers system is intuitive and very easy to use... it has reduced our volunteer administration work by over 80%… and it's extremely flexible, allowing us to have the process we want. The OnVolunteers system is great... we're delighted with it, I highly recommend OnVolunteers.

Peter HolowkaDirector of IT
St. Patrick Regional High School
Vancouver, Canada

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